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The galvanizing process has existed for more than 250 years and has been a mainstay of North American industry since the 1890s. Galvanizing is used throughout various markets to provide steel with unmatched protection from the ravages of corrosion. A wide range of steel products from nails to highway guardrail to the Brooklyn Bridges suspension wires to NASAs launch pad sound-suppression system benefit from galvanizings superior corrosion protection properties.

The uses of hot-dip galvanized steel continue to evolve, and new markets are emerging all the time. As with all materials and coatings, there are certain practices which yield better quality finished products. In order to meet the expectations and demands of many different markets, it is important to be cognizant of these best design practices for steel to be galvanized. One key to providing the best design for the hot-dip galvanizing process is communication between the architect, engineer, fabricator and galvanizer. Most design principles necessary for success throughout the galvanizing process are easily and readily followed, and in most cases, ensure maximum corrosion protection. Incorporating these design practices along with those listed in ASTM A385 Practice for Providing High Quality Zinc Coatings (Hot-Dip), will not only produce optimum quality galvanized coatings, but also help reduce costs and improve turnaround times.

Revised in 2020, this publication provides best design practices as well as information on mechanical properties of hot-dip galvanizing, types of materials suitable for hot-dip galvanizing, combining different materials and surfaces, welding procedures, venting and draining, and more. The guide is 28 pages and contains more than 30 full-color illustrations.

The AGA has translated this publication into both Spanish and Canadian French. These publications are only available to download as PDFs.

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