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A variety of commercial and residential construction products have utilized hot-dip galvanized steel for more than a century because of its outstanding durability and maintenance-free qualities. Over time, corrosion has become an enormous concern throughout the nation and world. Hot-dip galvanized steel is the most widely used metallic coating corrosion protection system. Galvanized steel is a large part of the solution to decrease corrosion costs, however, galvanized steel is not specified solely for its corrosion resistance. Hot-dip galvanized steel is also specified on construction products for aesthetics, safety, sustainability, and its maintenance-free quality. Around the world, hot-dip galvanized steel is considered aesthetically pleasing, and the contemporary, industrial appearance of hot-dip galvanized steel is rapidly becoming a popular architectural choice. The sustainability and durability of the product are additional bonuses to achieving the desired appearance.

This publication focuses on the benefits of using hot-dip galvanized steel in construction products such as brick lintels, construction forms, scaffolding, etc. as a durable, low maintenance, sustainable solution to protecting equipment from corrosion.

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