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Tapered - Single Arm

The small end should be completely open (A).

Pole Plate End

  1. The end completely open is the most desirable fabrication.
  2. As an acceptable alternative, for tapered arm internal diameters 3" (7.6 cm) and larger, the half-circles, slots, and round holes must equal 30% of the area of the pole end's internal diameter. If the ID is less than 3" (7.6 cm), the opening must equal 45% of the area of the pole end of the tapered arm.
Tapered single arm1

Internal gusset-plates and end-flanges should also be provided with vent and drainage holes. In circular hollow shapes, the holes should be located diametrically opposite each other at opposite ends of the member.

In rectangular hollow shapes, the four corners of the internal gusset-plates should be cropped. Internal gusset-plates in all large hollow sections should be provided with an additional opening at the center. Where there are flanges or end-plates, it is more economical to locate holes in the flanges or plates rather than in the section.