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HDG Renewable Energy

Renewable energy provides clean, sustainable power for many different industries and is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional energy. Renewable energy such as solar, wind, and hydro-electricity are expected continuously to grow...

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HDG Steel Distribution Poles

The steel utility pole is a highly engineered product. It is designed to American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) criteria, National Electric Safety Code (NESC) minimum load requirements, and uses material and manufacturing to ASTM International...

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Galvanizing Our World: Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution

Available for Download only. This new series of reports describes the numerous ways in which hot-dip galvanizing can be used in Power Generation & Distribution.

Caribbean Power Plant

Available for Download only. A report discussing the AES-PR Total Energy Power Plant located just 500 miles off the shore of the Caribbean Sea. This power plant is in a moderately industrial setting where sulfides and other...

Faraday Cage

Available for Download only. This report shows how hot-dip galvanized steel holds up in a moderately industrial environment and evaluates the coating thickness after 28 years of exposure.

Galvanized Lamp Standards Light Up the World

Featuring over 25 different applications of hot-dip galvanized light poles around the world, this color brochure by Cominco Ltd. looks at the benefits and performance of hot-dip galvanized steel used for street lighting. 5 pages. 1991 Not...

Norris Dam Steel Substation

Available for Download only. This report demonstrates how this structure built in 1936 continues to exist maintenance-free due to the lasting performance of its hot-dip galvanized coating. 1 page.

Steel Distribution Poles

Available for Download only. A look at how hot-dip galvanizing has been used to increase the life and decrease the cost of steel distribution poles, an environmentally-friendly alternative to wooden poles.

Wind Energy Structure

Available for Download Only. This case study details a wind energy system in Nebraska that utilizes hot-dip galvanized steel for corrosion protection.

Wind Turbine Electrical Generators

Available for Download Only. This performance report describes how galvanized steel can protect wind turbine electrical generators.