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Scholarship Winners

2024 Winners

Daniel Yahya - Doctorate in Civil Engineering - Auburn University

Zachary Campbell - Masters in Civil Engineering - The Citadel - Military College of South Carolina

2023 Winners

Justina Starrad - Masters Degree - Urban Design - Washington University St. Louis

Madelyn Heckert - Bachelors in Engineering and Environmental Science - Portland State University

2022 Winners

Yuqi Shao - Bachelors Degree in Architecture - Illinois Institute of Technology

LeiLei Zhao - Bachelors in Architectural Studies with a major in Engineering - University of Waterloo

2021 Winners

Hannah Power - Doctorate of Philosophy in Civil Engineering - Structural Engineering, University of Delaware

Saben Nusbaum - Bachelors in Landscape Architecture, Ball State University

2020 Winners

Matthew Cristi - Masters of Science - Civil Engineering, Stanford University

Hannah Zalusky - Masters in Architecture, University of Oregon

2019 Winners

Sarah Olden - Bachelors of Science - Civil Engineering, Colorado School of Mines

Jessica Stershic - PhD in Architectural Engineering, University of Colorado - Boulder

2018 Winners

Samantha Davis - Master of Architecture, Kansas State University

Zhiyuan Li - Master of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Stanford University

2017 Winner

Kien Nguyen Ph.D - Structural Engineering, University of Kansas

2016 Winners

1st Place

Kien Nguyen
Civil Engineering - Structural Engineering, University of Kansas

2nd Place

Jennifer Hsaw
Architecture, University of Virginia

3rd Place

Adam Smyser
Civil Engineering, Pennsylvania College of Technology

2015 Winners

1st Place

David Amorim
Master of Science (Civil Engineering), University of Manitoba

2nd Place

Laura Ripley
Master of Science, Civil Engineering - Sturctural, Columbia Unversity

3rd Place

Christina Biasiucci
Masters of Architecture, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

2014 Winners

1st Place

Magda Zydzik
Bachelors in Materials Engineering CO-OP, McGill University

2nd Place

Kelsey Vetter
Bachelor of Architecture and Management, Iowa State University

3rd Place

Andreas Nilsson
Masters of Architecture, Georgia Institute of Technology

2013 Winners

1st Place

David Amorim
Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, University of Manitoba

2nd Place

Lisa Larsen
Ph.D., Civil Engineering, Texas A&M University

3rd Place

Brandon Robertson
Masters of Architecture, Massachusetts College of Art and Design

2012 Winners

1st Place

Emmanuel Mendoza
Master of Science, Structural Engineering, San Jose State University

2nd Place

James Heck
Mechanical Engineering, Cal State Long Beach

3rd Place

Christopher Laabs
BSAS in Architecture, University of Wisconson Milwaukee

2011 Winners

1st Place

Catherine Caracci
Architecture, University of Notre Dame

2nd Place

Junko Yamamot
Architecture, Boston Architectural College

3rd Place

Nathan Tew
Construction Management, Brigham Young University Idaho

2010 Winners

1st Place

Ryan Thomas
Mechanical Engineering, University of Alabama

2nd Place

Meghan Archer
Architecture, University of Michigan

3rd Place

David Bench
Architecture, Yale University

2009 Winners

1st Place

Anna Bruce
Mechanical Engineering, Texas Tech University

2nd Place

Stephanie Grannetino
Architecture, Philadelphia University

3rd Place

Jenny Joe
Architecture and Urban Design, Columbia University

2008 Winners

1st Place

Jeremiah Burhite
Architecture, Iowa State Univeristy

2nd Place

Tyler Haak
Civil Engineering, Stanford University

3rd Place

Matthew Pavelchak
Civil Engineering, Purdue University