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A Victory Over Paint for Galvanizing

This report explores several fully hot-dip galvanized bridges in Ashtabula County, Ohio. (Steel Monthly, July 1991), 1 page Not for sale. Available for Download Only.

Athens Bridge

Available for Download Only. Inspected in 2001, the 28-year-old Athens Bridge, located in Athens, Pa., is a dual two-lane bridge comprised of 11 galvanized rebar reinforced concrete decks. The Athens Bridge continues to carry both...

Blough Avenue Bridge

Available for Download Only. This report features a hot-dip galvanized bridge placed in the middle of a well-traveled suburban area, exposed to frequent applications of de-icing salts.

Boca Chica Bridge

Available for Download Only. Inspected in 1999, this Florida bridge has been in place since 1972 & is showing no signs of corrosion.

Caribbean Power Plant

Available for Download only. A report discussing the AES-PR Total Energy Power Plant located just 500 miles off the shore of the Caribbean Sea. This power plant is in a moderately industrial setting where sulfides and other...

Castleton Bridge

Available for Download Only. A report of the inspection of an Indiana interstate structural steel bridge in service since 1970.

Chanhassen Pedestrian Bridge

Available for Download Only. This report features a 245-foot-long pedestrian bridge using 50,000 pounds of hot-dip galvanized steel.

Cleveland Browns Football Stadium

Available for Download Only. The Cleveland Browns Football Stadium uses hot-dip galvanizing as the main component of protecting steel.

Cornelius Pass Railroad Bridge

Available for Download Only. This 800-foot-long bridge is subject to earthquakes & severe wind gusts in inaccessible terrain & humid weather conditions.

Corrosion Protection with Zinc Hot-Dip Galvanizing: Chemical Plant Applications

This Cominco Ltd. booklet shows hot-dip galvanizing's superior corrosion resistance in extremely corrosive environments, as illustrated in four chemical plants. 12 pages. 1991