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As the non-profit trade association for the batch hot-dip galvanizing industry, the American Galvanizers Association produces and maintains a wide variety of detailed technical publications about hot-dip galvanizing. With over 65 years of experience, expertise in chemical, environmental, and corrosion engineering, and access to a vast technical library, the AGA has knowledge and publications on most topics, trends, and technical issues surrounding hot-dip galvanizing today. The association has over 40 publications available to download free of charge on this site. All the publications are regularly reviewed and updated to keep the information fresh and at the forefront of galvanizing technology.

A single copy of a publication is available at no charge, unless otherwise indicated. Multiple copies require a $25.00 (U.S. funds) minimum order plus shipping & handling. Prepayment is required.

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A Victory Over Paint for Galvanizing

This report explores several fully hot-dip galvanized bridges in Ashtabula County, Ohio. (Steel Monthly, July 1991), 1 page Not for sale. Available for Download Only.

Acero de Refuerzo Galvanizado en Caliente: Guía del Especificador

La reparación del daño causado por la corrosión cuesta miles de millones de dólares al año. Un importante contribuyente al problema de la corrosión es la barra de acero de refuerzo (barra secundaria) en descomposición, que provoca el manchado, el...

An Anecdotal History of the Galvanizing Industry

Commissioned by the AGA & written by Charlotte Evans of the Smithsonian, this historical report describes the development of the hot-dip galvanizing process 250 years ago & its growth as an industry in the U.S. & Europe. 14 pages. 1992

Athens Bridge

Available for Download Only. Inspected in 2001, the 28-year-old Athens Bridge, located in Athens, Pa., is a dual two-lane bridge comprised of 11 galvanized rebar reinforced concrete decks. The Athens Bridge continues to carry both...

Blough Avenue Bridge

Available for Download Only. This report features a hot-dip galvanized bridge placed in the middle of a well-traveled suburban area, exposed to frequent applications of de-icing salts.

Boca Chica Bridge

Available for Download Only. Inspected in 1999, this Florida bridge has been in place since 1972 & is showing no signs of corrosion.

Caribbean Power Plant

Available for Download only. A report discussing the AES-PR Total Energy Power Plant located just 500 miles off the shore of the Caribbean Sea. This power plant is in a moderately industrial setting where sulfides and other...

Castleton Bridge

Available for Download Only. A report of the inspection of an Indiana interstate structural steel bridge in service since 1970.

Chanhassen Pedestrian Bridge

Available for Download Only. This report features a 245-foot-long pedestrian bridge using 50,000 pounds of hot-dip galvanized steel.

Cleveland Browns Football Stadium

Available for Download Only. The Cleveland Browns Football Stadium uses hot-dip galvanizing as the main component of protecting steel.