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Scholarship Prompt Ideas

1.) Revitalizing Our Nation's Infrastructure with Galvanized Steel

    • Provide an overview of the current state of infrastructure in your area and the challenges it faces. Cite specific examples of deteriorating infrastructure projects that need urgent repair or replacement. Visit an existing infrastructure project in your area that does not utilize galvanized steel, such as one constructed with painted steel or weathering steel. Investigate any maintenance issues or early signs of deterioration. Take pictures and inspect the project firsthand and use that to reinforce the need to use construction materials that maximize the service life of infrastructure projects.
    • Use the website to analyze how using galvanized steel in infrastructure projects can lead to reduced future maintenance costs. Compare and contrast the maintenance requirements and expenses associated with painted steel, weathering steel, or other construction materials, emphasizing the cost-effectiveness of galvanized steel over the project's lifecycle.
    • Use the website to explore the various infrastructure markets supported by the BIL and review existing projects in your state/province that use galvanized steel. If possible, visit these projects in person, take pictures and inspect the project to see for yourself how galvanized steel is performing.
    • Select an existing local infrastructure project in your area that is in need of repair or repair is currently underway. Evaluate how using galvanized steel in this project could benefit from its durability and sustainability. Analyze the potential cost savings and environmental impact that would result from the use of galvanized steel.
    • Conclude your essay by envisioning a future where galvanized steel becomes a standard choice for infrastructure projects. Discuss the broader implications of widespread galvanized steel adoption on the nation's infrastructure and the potential for a more sustainable, resilient, and cost-effective infrastructure network.

2.) Galvanized Steel - Empowering Renewable Energy Sustainability

  • Explore and elaborate on the sustainable aspects of galvanized steel. How is it produced, and what sets it apart from other construction materials in terms of its environmental impact? Discuss the recycling and re-use (i.e. re-using galvanized steel in future projects after design life has been achieved) capabilities of galvanized steel and its potential for a circular economy in the renewable energy sector.
  • Investigate and present various applications of galvanized steel in renewable energy projects. This may include its use in solar panel structures, wind turbine foundations, hydroelectric plant infrastructure, or other innovative applications that harness renewable energy sources.
  • Highlight the properties of galvanized steel that make it an excellent choice for long-lasting and robust renewable energy installations. Analyze how its resistance to corrosion and weathering contributes to the longevity of renewable energy infrastructure, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and replacements.
  • Provide real-world examples of successful renewable energy projects that have utilized galvanized steel. Analyze their environmental impact, economic feasibility, and lessons learned from these projects.