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The Galvanize the Future: A Richard L. Brooks Memorial essay contest was developed to help future specifiers with the rising cost of a college education. The scholarship aims to teach these specifiers a little about hot-dip galvanizing while providing them with funding for their education.

To apply, please fill out the form below and attach your essay. Your essay must answer one of the following two questions in 1,000-2,000 words and be in Word, Rich Text Format, or Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Essay Questions (choose one)

1. Your future employers are committed to sustainable development, and have asked you to evaluate steel corrosion protection systems from a sustainability point of view. Make a case for why hot-dip galvanized (zinc-coated) steel is sustainable with specific regards to how it can decrease its social, economic and environmental impacts on society using resources that can be found on the following websites: (American Galvanizers Association) (International Zinc Association) (American Institute of Steel Construction) (American Iron and Steel Institute)

2. You work for an architecture firm who is evaluating steel corrosion protection systems for use on a decorative exterior steel façade for a performing arts center in an urban downtown area in a coastal marine environment. Watch our Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel Coating Appearance Video Series on YouTube and read our Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel Specifier’s Guide and use these resources to convince your fictitious management team that hot-dip galvanized steel is the best corrosion protection system to withstand the rigors of a corrosive marine environment while also providing an attractive exterior finish for the façade in a high profile, high traffic building.

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