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Building for the Environment Age

The Kortright Biological Waste Treatment Center demonstrates recent developments in resource recycling, water waste treatment, water conservation, and energy efficient design. This document shows how and why zinc is vital to the building and its...

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Closing the Loop: An Introduction to Recycling Zinc-Coated Steel

The document discusses the sustainability of zinc as well as the recycling process of zinc. It also contains a case study showing the process of zinc’s efficient recycling process.

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Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel vs. Zinc Spray Metallizing

Developed in 2008, this one page handout is a detailed comparison of hot-dip galvanizing and zinc spray metallizing. The publications features a side-by-side analysis of weather dependency, bond strength, service life, and much more. 

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Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel vs. Zinc-Rich Paint

Developed in 2007, this handout is a detailed comparison of hot-dip galvanizing and zinc-rich paint. The handout features a side-by-side analysis of weather dependency, bond strength, service life, initial/maintenance costs, and much...

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Housing for Generations: Corrosion Performance of Galvanized Steel Framing in Residential

This document addresses the long-term performance of zinc in the growing market of residential construction. The housing market is increasingly using more steel over time. This packet describes the corrosion performance of galvanized steel in...

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Revestimientos de Zinc: Análisis comparativo de las características de proceso y rendimiento

El zinc, un elemento natural, sano y abundante se usó por primera vez en la construcción en el 79 a.C.; por eso, desde hace mucho se han conocido sus características como un revestimiento protector apto contra la...

Sustainable Development and Zinc

This publication discusses the zinc industry’s commitment to sustainable development, the IZA sustainability charter, and some key facts about the zinc. It also contains a list of the IZA members, affiliate members, and associates.

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The Role of Zinc in Child Health

This document shows the great importance of zinc for the healthy growth of children. It describes zinc’s many benefits and uses. The document also discusses the consequences of a zinc-deficient childhood.

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Zinc and Human Health

This publication covers the recent advances and implications for public health programs relating to zinc. These are the conclusion of the International Conference in Stockholm in June of 2000. The current zinc deficiency among the public today and...

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Zinc and Immune Function

This packet covers the importance of zinc for health and the immune function. It shows the history of zinc relating to health and what the current view of the relationship between zinc and immunity is today.

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