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Post HDG Considerations

Stacking galvanized steel storage

In addition to inspecting the part and performing any necessary touch up/repair, there are a few other post-galvanizing treatments sometimes utilized or needed. To ensure the highest quality hot-dip galvanized steel for your project, it is important for you to understand these considerations during the design phase so expectations are met.

Zinc is a very reactive metal and if your galvanized steel product will be nested or tightly stacked for shipping and exposed to moisture for more than a few days, it should either be passivated via dipping in a solution or stacked with spacers between each piece of steel. This special detailing allows free-flowing air across the galvanized steel surface to permit the natural formation of the zinc patina. Specifiers should be aware of passivation techniques as well as proper storage.

Also, one requirement to properly galvanize hollow structures is the addition of venting and drainage holes. Sometimes the holes impede or affect the intended use of the product, such as in handrail tubing. The galvanizer may be directed to plug the holes with zinc or aluminum plugs to prevent moisture or insects from entering.