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Hot-Dip Galvanized Coating Appearance

HDG steel may have a variety of different initial appearances, including bright and shiny, dull, spangled, mottled, or matte gray. This difference in initial appearance can occur between individual pieces and even between sections of the same piece....

Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel: Appearance and Weathering

Hot-dip galvanized (HDG) steel is specified because it provides maintenance-free corrosion protection for decades. However, some architects and engineers under utilize HDG because of concerns about its appearance. Due to...

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Inspección de Productos de Acero Galvanizado en Caliente

Only Available for Download El galvanizado en caliente es uno de los sistemas de protección contra la corrosión más económicos y exentos de mantenimiento disponibles. Como sucede con otros procesos de fabricación, el acero...

Inspection of Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel Products

Hot-dip galvanizing is one of the most economical, maintenance-free corrosion protection systems available. Like any other manufacturing process, hot-dip galvanized steel requires an inspection of the finished product to ensure...

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L'inspection des Produits en Acier Galvanisé à Chaud

La galvanisation à chaud est le système de prévention de la corrosion sans entretien le plus économique qui soit. Comme tous les processus de fabrication, lacier galvanisé à chaud nécessite une inspection du produit fini pour assurer la conformité...

Les Taches De Stockage Humide

La galvanisation par immersion à chaud est utilisée dans des myriades d’applications à travers le monde pour lutter contre la corrosion. L’acier galvanisé par immersion à chaud est le...

Mancha de Oxidación por Almacenamiento

Only Available for Download The hot galvanized used for various applications, combat corrosion worldwide. The galvanized steel is one of the systems more economical protection against corrosion and maintenance-free available. A key...

Touch-Up and Repair of Galvanized Steel

A listing of various manufacturers and products for the maintenance and repair of hot-dip galvanized structures. 4 pages. 2019

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Wet Storage Stain

 Instructive about the minimization and treatment of wet storage stain, this publication prescribes surface treatments and remedial actions.  Wet storage stain is a white or gray powdery deposit that can develop on...

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Wet Storage Stain - A Pictorial Explanation

Developed in 2003, this one page handout compares two guardrail applications to explain wet storage stain. Both guardrail sections were galvanized on the same day in the same batch.  One developed a mild case of wet storage stain, while...

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