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Call For Papers 775

The American Galvanizers Association (AGA) needs your insight and expertise. In order to make TechForum a success, we request your technical paper submissions.

TechForum 2019 will be held in Chattanooga, TN on September 24th-26th and will offer a variety of presentations important to the galvanizing industry during the Technical Sessions. Over the years, papers have included technological advancements, corrosion and coating performance, environmental, health, and safety lessons, and much more.

For 2019, member galvanizers have provided the AGA with a “wish list” of some topics they’d like to hear more about:

  • Forklift Operation
  • Hoist Design & Repair
  • Equipment Preventative Maintenance Plans
  • EPA/OSHA Inspection Visits – How to Handle Communication
  • Paint Application Techniques

This is by no means an exhaustive list and we are open to a wide variety of topics. So, gather your thoughts and data, write an abstract, and bring your conclusions to TechForum this year!

DEADLINE: July 15th

Please e-mail them to Tom Langhill at

For more information on TechForum papers and presentations, please contact technical director Dr. Langill, at 720-361-4486 or via the email address above.


TechForum Submission/Speaker Guidelines

The following guidelines provide more detail on how to submit your abstract and what’s allowed in the presentation and required of the speaker.  

  1. Submit an abstract for consideration by the TechForum Committee by July 15th. If not received by the deadline, the presentation will not be considered.
    1. Abstracts should summarize the presentation content in paragraph or outline form.
    2. Presentations are 30 minutes MAXIMUM, so plan your content accordingly.
    3. It is good to leave time for questions, so suggested length is 20-25 minutes.
  2. The content of the presentation must be provided to the AGA staff by September 6th to provide sufficient time for AGA staff review. Failure to comply may result in loss of presentation time.
    1. Presentation content may not contain any negative reference to any AGA member companies or companies eligible for membership. This excludes commenting on competitors to the hot-dip galvanizing process.
    2. The AGA reserves the right to remove any overt commercialism contained in the presentation content. The bulk of the presentation should be technical, and not contain multiple references to the name of the company or affiliated companies.
    3. The AGA does not in any way endorse the content of the presentation and stresses the importance of keeping the talk commercial free and science/fact based.
    4. Any materials to be handed out by the speaker prior to, during, or after the presentation must be reviewed and approved by AGA staff.
  3. Presentations are required to fit within the timeframe allotted by the AGA. In order to keep things on track, the AGA may ask the speaker to truncate the presentation.