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SteelDay is an interactive networking event for the structural steel industry organized by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC). Across the country associated businesses will be opening their doors for hands on events that will range from simple lunches to grand tours of their facilities and fun filled activities. Every year, thousands of people attended hundreds of events across the country to learn about all facets of the steel industry.

The American Galvanizers Association (AGA) encourages its member galvanizers across North America to host events ranging from plant tours to seminars and other fun activities. Attending one of these events is an excellent opportunity to learn more about hot-dip galvanized steel and how it contributes to every day society. Architects, engineers, contractors, fabricators, students, other specifiers, and any interested community members are welcome to attend!

Ready to Sign-Up?

Though all SteelDay events are free to attend, the hosts want to know to expect you! Please visit to sign up for the events you plan to attend. If you elect to participate in a plant tour, please wear pants and close toed shoes.

For more information, please visit