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Hot-dip galvanized steel has been used for more than 100 years in myriad projects throughout the world. Galvanizing is specified not only for its superior corrosion protection and durability, but also for its low maintenance, economic benefits, low environmental impact, and even aesthetics.

In this section, you will find information on the AGA Project Gallery which features galvanized steel projects from around the world. The often stunning photos accompanied with descriptions of the project and reasons for galvanizing will inspire you to design your own galvanized steel project. In the Project Gallery, the projects can be sorted according to environment, sector, location, and reasons for galvanizing to ensure you can quickly find the type of project you desire.

Also in this section, you will find information on the various markets and sectors where hot-dip galvanized steel is commonly used. These pages will provide an overview of how and where galvanized steel is incorporated, including specific project examples.