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Hot-dip galvanizing (HDG) has provided steel corrosion protection for over 150 years and at least half a century for structures used in the generation, transmission, and distribution of energy from traditional sources. As awareness and demand for renewable energy has grown, private utilities will continue to receive pressure to provide a larger percentage of their electricity from renewable sources such as wind or solar, and to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions (carbon footprint) at existing plants.

As the construction of alternative energy facilities (windmills, solar panel fields, biodiesel plants) and infrastructure accelerates, it is imperative the owners of these new sources of energy production recognize the inevitability of corrosion and make intelligent economic and environmental decisions to protect these newly developed assets. Due to its use of naturally occurring zinc metal, 100% recyclability, speed of application, delivery to the job site, aesthetic durability, and no maintenance requirement for decades, hot-dip galvanized steel delivers unparalleled performance over other corrosion protection methods.

Developed in 2008, this comprehensive publication explores how utilizing hot-dip galvanized steel in biofuel, wind, hydroelectric, and solar structures not only protects them from the effects of corrosion, but also is highly sustainable and earth-friendly. Highlighting the inevitability of corrosion, this brochure stresses the importance of making intelligent environmental and economic decisions, supported by real-life case studies from each sector of the alternative energy market. It also explains how the natural, recyclable zinc coating will provide superior corrosion protection without requiring the costly carbon footprint of maintenance.

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