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As the non-profit trade association for the batch hot-dip galvanizing industry, the American Galvanizers Association produces and maintains a wide variety of detailed technical publications about hot-dip galvanizing. With over 65 years of experience, expertise in chemical, environmental, and corrosion engineering, and access to a vast technical library, the AGA has knowledge and publications on most topics, trends, and technical issues surrounding hot-dip galvanizing today. The association has over 40 publications available to download free of charge on this site. All the publications are regularly reviewed and updated to keep the information fresh and at the forefront of galvanizing technology.

A single copy of a publication is available at no charge, unless otherwise indicated. Multiple copies require a $25.00 (U.S. funds) minimum order plus shipping & handling. Prepayment is required.

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Les Taches De Stockage Humide

La galvanisation par immersion à chaud est utilisée dans des myriades d’applications à travers le monde pour lutter contre la corrosion. L’acier galvanisé par immersion à chaud est le...

Mancha de Oxidación por Almacenamiento

Only Available for Download The hot galvanized used for various applications, combat corrosion worldwide. The galvanized steel is one of the systems more economical protection against corrosion and maintenance-free available. A key...

Manchester Airport Parking Garage

Available for Download Only. Located in a fairly aggressive urban environment, hot-dip galvanized steel was chosen for this parking garage because of its aesthetic appeal, quick turnaround delivery time, and the maintenance-free...

Norris Dam Steel Substation

Available for Download only.  This report demonstrates how this structure built in 1936 continues to exist maintenance-free due to the lasting performance of its hot-dip galvanized coating. 1 page.

OSHA Manual

This manual is only available in downloadable PDF version to members of the American Galvanizers Association. In response to growing concerns on managing safety regulations in hot-dip galvanizing...

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Painting Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel

Hot-dip galvanized steel is a highly effective and widely used method of corrosion protection. It is not uncommon to paint galvanized steel in order to further its corrosion fighting properties. Failures in adhesion though, are not uncommon. This...

Parking for the Future: A Collection of Hot-Dip Galvanized Parking Garages

Hot-dip galvanizing has provided steel corrosion protection for over 150 years, and has been used in parking garages for over 30 years. When it comes to protecting steel from the inevitable onset of corrosion, no other coating provides the...

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Performance of Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel Products

Corrosion and repair of corrosion damage are multi-billion dollar problems. Estimates show metallic corrosion costs the United States approximately $297 billion annually, or about 3% of the national GDP. Although corrosion is a...

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Plainville Farms

Available for Download only.  This application report features a “responsibly produced” turkey and turkey product farm in upstate New York. Hot-dip galvanizing was chosen for the feed chutes and its support steel. 

Preparing HDG Steel for Paint (CD Version)

Duplex systems, or painting over hot-dip galvanized steel, have been used for decades as a means to enhance corrosion protection. Painting over hot-dip galvanized steel provides the owner/specifier with effective corrosion...

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