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Iza  Galvanizing In Mining Thumb

The mining industry requires a significant investment in infrastructure. Many structures in a mine are made of steel such as shaft structures (buntons, station steelwork, headgear); stop structures (roof supports, pipe hangers); haulageway structures (ore transfer stations, electrical stubbies); and surface structures (plant buildings, tank supports, pipe gantries, conveyor belts, stacks, stockpile structures, stairways, railings). Though not always though of as part of the "core" of the operation, these structural components are necessary for effective and efficient mining. Maintaining these steel components can be difficult because of the exposure or limited access. Hot-dip galvanized steel offers cost-efficient, long-lasting, maintenance-free corrosion protection to steel even in these challenging environments.

This two-part series discusses the benefits of using hot-dip galvanized steel as well as provides case studies of mining operations currently using the product. Available as download only.

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