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As the non-profit trade association for the batch hot-dip galvanizing industry, the American Galvanizers Association produces and maintains a wide variety of detailed technical publications about hot-dip galvanizing. With over 65 years of experience, expertise in chemical, environmental, and corrosion engineering, and access to a vast technical library, the AGA has knowledge and publications on most topics, trends, and technical issues surrounding hot-dip galvanizing today. The association has over 40 publications available to download free of charge on this site. All the publications are regularly reviewed and updated to keep the information fresh and at the forefront of galvanizing technology.

A single copy of a publication is available at no charge, unless otherwise indicated. Multiple copies require a $25.00 (U.S. funds) minimum order plus shipping & handling. Prepayment is required.

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Zinc: A Sustainable Material, Essential for Modern Life

Zinc, with its key attributes of essentiality, durability, versatility, and recyclability, is well positioned as a material of choice for a sustainable society. This publication, from the International Zinc Association, details the many ways zinc...

Soldadura y Galvanizado en Caliente

As it is increasingly common to specify hot-dip galvanizing (the metallurgical combination of zinc and steel) as the corrosion protection system for parts made of structural steel, it is essential to understand the considerations for galvanizing...

Revestimientos de Zinc: Análisis comparativo de las características de proceso y rendimiento

El zinc, un elemento natural, sano y abundante se usó por primera vez en la construcción en el 79 a.C.; por eso, desde hace mucho se han conocido sus características como un revestimiento protector apto contra la corrosión para productos de hierro y...

HDG Buildings and Architecture

Structural steel has been the material of choice in the building market for decades because of the numerous benefits it provides. While steel successfully and efficiently works when enclosed in the building envelope (framing), the portions of the...

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HDG Construction Products

A variety of commercial and residential construction products have utilized hot-dip galvanized steel for more than a century because of its outstanding durability and maintenance-free qualities. Over time, corrosion has become an enormous concern...

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HDG Food and Beverage Processing Facilities

With a daily grind riddled with forklifts, pallets, chemicals, washdowns, and moisture, food and beverage processing facilities are some of the toughest, most corrosive environments imaginable. Strong, durable protection for structures, stairs, and...

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HDG Material Handling

In the world of material handling, function usually takes precedence over form, with most equipment, conveyors, racks, and WIP containers painted simply and cheaply as a means of brand identity or to deliver some level of uniformity in appearance....

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HDG Renewable Energy

Renewable energy provides clean, sustainable power for many different industries and is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional energy. Renewable energy such as solar, wind, and hydro-electricity are expected continuously to grow...

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HDG Stadiums and Speedways

The most spectacular displays of talent and performance are witnessed in stadiums, speedways, and venues around the world. While a close eye is given to the performances within, the performance of the stadium itself is often overlooked. The...

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HDG Steel Distribution Poles

The steel utility pole is a highly engineered product. It is designed to American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) criteria, National Electric Safety Code (NESC) minimum load requirements, and uses material and manufacturing to ASTM International...

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