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As it is increasingly common to specify hot-dip galvanizing (the metallurgical combination of zinc and steel) as the corrosion protection system for parts made of structural steel, it is essential to understand the considerations for galvanizing welded black steel or Welding in galvanized steel, and the need to integrate them into the overall design of the fabricated structural part. It is common to weld before and after galvanizing; the requirements are relatively simple for a designer to implement, which generates superior protection against corrosion.

The galvanizing process has existed for more than 250 years and has been a pillar in US industry since 1890. Galvanizing is used in various markets to provide steel with unparalleled protection against corrosion damage. A wide range of steel products (from reinforced steel for playgrounds to professional sports stadiums and to the artistic expression of today's sculptures) benefits from the superior properties of galvanizing as a corrosion protection system.

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