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In the world of material handling, function usually takes precedence over form, with most equipment, conveyors, racks, and WIP containers painted simply and cheaply as a means of brand identity or to deliver some level of uniformity in appearance. While this emphasis may seem logical initially, it is just as important to focus on the long term maintenance and replacement costs caused by corrosion.

Used for over 150 years, hot-dip galvanizing (HDG) is the process of coating steel and iron products with zinc metal to protect them from corrosion. Approximately 25% of all carbon steel (23 million tons) consumed in the U.S. is hot-dip galvanized, effectively eliminating corrosion costs.

However, galvanized steel is not specified solely for its corrosion resistance. Hot-dip galvanized steel is also specified for durability, abrasion resistance, aesthetics, safety, sustainability, and its maintenance-free quality. The contemporary, industrial appearance of hot-dip galvanized steel is the standard for construction and industrial equipment. The sustainability and durability of the product are additional bonuses.

This publication focuses on the benefits of using hot-dip galvanized steel in material handling products as a durable, low maintenance, sustainable solution to protecting equipment from corrosion.

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