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Steel Distribution Poles

Available for Download only.  A look at how hot-dip galvanizing has been used to increase the life and decrease the cost of steel distribution poles, an environmentally-friendly alternative to wooden poles. 

Strawberry Mansion Bridge

Available for Download Only. Built in 1897, this Philadelphia bridge was reconfigured & hot-dip galvanized to allow traffic, bicycles & pedestrians to enjoy it for centuries to come. 

Tioga Bridge

 Available for Download Only. After 27 years of Pennsylvania’s heavy snowfall, exposure to corrosive, chloride-containing road salts, and snow accumulation. The Tioga Bridge, comprised of 14 spans and two lanes, continues to...

U.S. Government Dam Modification Project

Available for Download only.  The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers conceived of this six dam modification project to restore endangered salmon and steelhead runs to the Columbia and Snake River watersheds. 

Warmington Bridge

Available for Download Only. An inspection of this Ohio bridge shows just how well hot-dip galvanizing holds up in a highly corrosive environment. 

Webb Avenue Bridge

Available for Download Only. An inspection of an Ohio bridge built in 1994 that is fully hot-dip galvanized to minimize future maintenance & disruption of traffic. 

Willamette River Bridge

Available for Download Only. Results of the most recent inspection of this rural Oregon bridge, which is subjected to annual flooding. 

Wind Energy Structure

Available for Download Only. This case study details a wind energy system in Nebraska that utilizes hot-dip galvanized steel for corrosion protection. 

Wind Turbine Electrical Generators

Available for Download Only. This performance report describes how galvanized steel can protect wind turbine electrical generators.