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Thumb AGA Whitepaper Zinc in the Water 2023

Zinc, commonly referred to worldwide as a "healthy metal," is the 24th most abundant, naturally occurring element in the Earth's crust. Zinc is present in myriad consumer, infrastructure, agriculture, and industrial products. More importantly, zinc is essential to life, playing an important role in biological processes of all living organisms (humans, animals, and plants). Zinc bolsters immunity by regulating the body's production of cells and boosts brain activity and memory via its reaction with other chemicals in the hippocampus. Every cell requires zinc to multiply; thus zinc is vital during pregnancy. Sadly, one-third of the world population is at risk of zinc deficiency, primarily due to the lack of zinc in soil and water which support plant growth and other food sources. Zinc deficiency causes poor fetal development, and increases the severity of diarrhea, pneumonia, and malaria. Children are especially vulnerable to zinc deficiency, with an estimated 450,000 dying each year as a direct result of too little zinc in their diet.

This 8-page white paper explains the impact zinc has on the environment, especially when in contact with water environments, as well as the important role it plays in the biological processes of all living organisms. It includes six case studies and excellent examples of the sustainability of galvanized steel.

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