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Hot-dip galvanizing is a coating of naturally occurring zinc metallurgically bonded to steel to protect it from atmospheric corrosion for 75 years or more with no maintenance. The zinc coating of hot-dip galvanized steel corrodes at a very slow rate, protecting steel bridges, sign structures, guide rail, light poles, water/wastewater facilities, power generation stations, distribution poles, and much more for generations.

This marketing tool is part of the Talking Points series developed to educate legislators and the general public about hot-dip galvanized steel's use in North America's infrastructure. The 1-page overview touches on how hot-dip galvanizing maximizes taxpayers' investment in America including:

  • No maintenance costs
  • Aesthetically pleasing, consistent appearance
  • 100% recyclability at the end-of-life
  • Safe structural steel, handrail, and deck
  • Sustainable project lasting 75 years or more
  • Immediate availability for construction in any weather condition

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