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V  Proc 07  Dvd

Available to AGA Members Only. License includes one copy of the DVD. Please call if you would like the Spanish version or MP4 versions.

The AGA's Processing Video details successful hot-dip galvanizing processes and procedures and describes the entire process of taking bare steel and coating it with zinc. The video is divided into five modules that can be viewed independently: (1) Inspection, (2) Material Handling, (3) Surface Preparation, (4) Galvanizing and Kettle, (5) Post-Galvanizing Treatments. Approx. 90 minutes. 

This resource is only available to members of the American Galvanizers Association. Member orders require a $75.00 minimum. Please contact the AGA directly at 720-361-4483 with any questions.

Buy Printed Copies $500.00