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Live Camera on Buffalo Creek Bridge in Iowa

The AGA has worked with Buchanan County Iowa Engineer Brian Keierleber to install a video camera with live feed on the grounds of the Buffalo Creek Bridge project near Independence, Iowa. The existing painted steel girder ...
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Steel Utility Poles in the News

The first half of 2018 has been busy for media on steel utility poles. A number of weather events as well as follow up from 2017s storm season have led to a number of articles published about how utilizing steel utility po...
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NACE Board of Directors to Include Galvanizer

Bernardo Duran III (AZZ Metal Coatings), formerly on the staff of the American Galvanizers Association Technical Department, was recently elected to join the Board of Directors of NACE International. NACE serves ne...
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Galvanizers Cash-In with Sustainable Lighting and Heat Recovery Systems

Hot-dip galvanizing (HDG) is the process of dipping fabricated steel or small parts such as bolts, nuts, washers, an...
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Zinc Round Table - The First of Many

I attended and presented at the inaugural Zinc Roundtable on October 11 & 12 in Pittsburgh and was very impressed with the event.  Billed as an opportunity for zinc users of all types (galvanizers, brass, die-cast...
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Inaugural 2017 Zinc Metal Roundtable Save the Date

Join the International Zinc Association for the 1st annual Zinc Metal Roundtable to explore zinc metal supply dynamics for 2018 as well as new market trends. As the global voice of the zinc industry, and 25 years of experi...
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Lifetime Membership Announced for Thomas M. Gregory Award Recipients and Hall of Fame Inductees

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce all past and the most recent Thomas M. Gregory Award recipients and Hall of Fame inductees will on a gratis basis at their retirement be lifetime, individual members of the Ame...
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Journal of Environmental Management Publishes New Article on Life-Cycle Cost Assessment

Journal of Environmental Management publishes new article:  Comparative Life-Cycle Cost Assessment of Painted and Hot-Dip Galvanized Bridges The article, written by Professor Barbara Rossi, focuses on...
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