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Member Committees

The AGA is taking the lead by setting the standard for quality and efficiency in galvanizing through the establishment and performance of committees. These committees combat issues as a group, bringing together diverse professionals with technical expertise and the creative thinking needed to resolve todays complex issues.

Board of Directors

The affairs of the association are managed by the Board of Directors consisting of 13 members; twelve of which are galvanizers and one a representative of the zinc industry. Three board members are elected president, first vice-president, and second vice-president respectively and serve as the active managers of the association along with the Executive Director. The committee chairperson of the member committees are appointed by and report directly to the Board of Directors.

Market Development Committee (MDC)

The committee is comprised of seven regional representatives throughout North America, five at-large positions, and key suppliers to the industry. The MDC develops and implements marketing programs based on the input of the entire AGA membership and standing committee all within the scope of the strategic three-year marketing plan.

Member Services Committee (MSC)

This committee determines and evaluates programs of interest to the general membership, develops plans for increasing membership, recommends dues levels and membership qualification criteria, and monitors the implementation of all activity under its authority.

Sustaining Member Committee (SMC)

This committee exists as a forum to express the interests of suppliers to the galvanizing industry and acts as a communication vehicle to the board of directors.

Technical Services Committee (TSC)

This committee is a technical advisory resource for the AGA. It sets the priorities and manages the technical support service needs generated by the Board, the MDC and AGA members. This committee also has primary responsibility for occupational health and safety, air and water effluent control, and other technical matters of interest to AGA members.

There are five subcommittees under the TSC:

Coating Performance

To serve the hot-dip galvanizing after-fabrication community on issues as they pertain to the testing and prediction of coating performance in the environments of earth, water and air.


To serve the hot-dip galvanizing after-fabrication community on issues as they pertain to the impact of the processes and products on the earth, water and air.

Health and Safety

To serve the hot-dip galvanizing after-fabrication community on issues as they pertain to the health and safety of galvanized products and processes.


To provide technical information on processing issues within the galvanizing plants and wherever galvanized steel is fabricated.


To plan, schedule and facilitate the annual technical conference for the AGA.

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