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Hot-Dip Galvanized Distribution Poles Steeling Power

Hot-dip galvanized steel has been used in the electric utility market since the advent of high voltage lines.  Whether in a generation facility...
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Paint in the Sea

Focusing on the pollutants and toxic material resulting when paint weathers, cracks, and disintegrates into fine dust has never before been a concern for environmentalists.  The findings in the research referenced in ...
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CalTrans Using Duplexed Steel to Replace Corroded Steel on Golden Gate Bridge

According to sources within the California Department of Transportation (CalTrans), all corroded steel on the 80 year old Golden Gate Bridge is being replaced with painted hot-dip galvanized steel.  This is exciting n...
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Wisconsin DOT Favors Duplex Coatings

In a recently released paper by the Wisconsin DOT, research findings suggest painting over galvanizing ...
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Infrastructure Funding Needs More Government Support

Better Roads recently published a few articles regarding the present demands to the US infrastructure.  The AGA has long touted the advantages and necessity of funding infrastructure, and these articles show some move...
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