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Inaugural 2017 Zinc Metal Roundtable Save the Date

Join the International Zinc Association for the 1st annual Zinc Metal Roundtable to explore zinc metal supply dynamics for 2018 as well as new market trends. As the global voice of the zinc industry, and 25 years of experi...
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Lifetime Membership Announced for Thomas M. Gregory Award Recipients and Hall of Fame Inductees

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce all past and the most recent Thomas M. Gregory Award recipients and Hall of Fame inductees will on a gratis basis at their retirement be lifetime, individual members of the Ame...
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Journal of Environmental Management Publishes New Article on Life-Cycle Cost Assessment

Journal of Environmental Management publishes new article:  Comparative Life-Cycle Cost Assessment of Painted and Hot-Dip Galvanized Bridges The article, written by Professor Barbara Rossi, focuses on...
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To Certify or Not to Certify

A question that is often posed to the American Galvanizers Association (AGA) is why there isn’t an industry certification program for hot-dip galvanizers. The AGA and our members have long maintained the “certification” is...
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New White Paper: Limitations of Galvanizers to Control Coating Appearance

During the Technical Services Committee (TSC) review process required for the  development of a “white paper” designed to explain the limitations of galvanizers to control coating appearance to a committee comprised o...
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New Thickness Gauge for Measuring Zinc and Paint

 DeFelsko has released the PosiTector 6000 FNDS Probe, a new thickness measurement gauge that works on duplex coatings of paint over galvanized steel. The probe simultaneously measures and displays the individual...
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New Galvanized Reinforcing Steel (Rebar) Website, Brochure, & Technical Center Launched

CENTENNIAL, CO Corrosion damage to reinforced concrete structures costs an estimated $20 billion annually in the U.S. alone and this figure is expected to grow by $500 million each year as existing infrastructure ...
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