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Membership Benefits

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The AGA provides three professional departments to meet your every need (Administrative, Marketing, and Technical.) The AGA also offers members a wealth of information and support a sample of the information available is provided below. Please review the benefits to ensure you are taking advantage of the value offered by your AGA membership.

Summary of Member Benefits

Referral of Specifiers & Fabricators to Members

The AGA fields hundreds of inquiries from architects, engineers, specifiers, and fabricators searching for a galvanizer. Additionally, thousands access the online listing of member galvanizers on our website. The AGA realizes the importance of not only promoting the industry, but also to generate solid leads and increase your business. We respond to all inquiries, and proactively distribute your information.

Industry Liaison

The AGA has a leadership position on committees of ASTM International and is an active participant in influential groups such as American Institute of Architects (AIA), American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS), American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), American Iron & Steel Institute (AISI), Canadian Institute of Steel Construction (CISC), NACE International, and SSPC Society of Protective Coatings. The AGA coordinates a consistent and strong industry position and response to issues developed by the EPA and OSHA, as well as national, state/province, and local authorities.

Member Education

The AGA has the industry's most extensive technical library, and utilizes it as well as the staff's collective expertise to produce a number of training tools for members. The AGA provides a Process Seminar series for plant personnel as well as ThinkZinc to help train members' sales/marketing personnel. Additionally, the AGA produces a number of process and safety videos and manuals, and produces technical bulletins, newsletters, and guidelines on cutting-edge technology and industry concerns.

Specifier Education

The AGA proactively works with all markets to expand the specification and consumption of galvanized steel. One component critical to expanding the consumption of galvanized steel is educating those who make corrosion protection decisions. The AGA offers a number of tools to help educate architects, engineers, specifiers, owners, and emerging professionals, including seminars, publications, a newsletter, an extensive website, and exhibits/presentations at tradeshows.


AGA objectives include consistent representation and promotion of galvanizing as critical to your everyday life. The AGA acts as an industry and member marketing firm. The AGA pursues editorial placement, produces press releases, industry advertising, and assists members in their marketing efforts.

Tech Support

Members of the AGA are afforded unlimited access to technical assistance from the staff. The AGA provides a number of technical resources for members, including an extensive library, staff expertise, mediation, and independent research. Non-member galvanizers do not receive any technical assistance from AGA staff.

The list of benefits members of the American Galvanizers Association enjoy is impressive, but the true net effect of belonging to the AGA is presenting a unified voice and point of contact for the galvanizing industry, making each individual company stronger, durable, and profitable. The AGA staff is dedicated to assisting members in any way possible and enhancing their membership experience.

Download the Member Benefits for a detailed explanation of AGA membership.