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Big Data Brings Big Changes

The world of digital marketing has moved to personalization with real-time information and meaningful content. Websites now have the ability to collect information about the user (such as profile information, traffic, mapp...
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Our Condolences, Klaus Niederstein

The world galvanizing industry lost one of the truly great gentlemen and visionaries on September 26, 2017,  Mr. Klaus Niederstein, Chairman of The Coating Company, a conglomerate with many plants and financial intere...
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AGA Website Re-Construction to Use Leading Edge Technology

It has been five years since the launch of the AGA’s extremely successful website.  Containing more than 600 pages of design, inspection, and specification information, a gallery of more than 1000 hot-dip galvan...
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Changes to the GalvanizeIt! Seminar Series

At the beginning of 2017, the AGA released all new Galvanize It!
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AGA Hits the Road Presenting a Number of PE Seminars

The American Galvanizers Association (AGA) is hitting the road this fall providing a number of continuing education presentations in conjunction with PE Seminars. The AGA was contacted last year by Edward Brunet, who knew ...
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Content Marketing Tips and Tricks

Content marketing is a great way to interact with customers and share your brand story across multiple outlets. It is a great brand builder as well as a fun way to market your product. Here are some tips and tricks for suc...
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Who's Metallizing, aka Zinc Thermal Spraying?

AGA staff is receiving more frequent inquiries from fabricators, architects, and engineers asking where they can get steel zinc metallized?  Also, known as zinc thermal spray, these inquiries seem to be related to mor...
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