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The American Galvanizers Association (AGA) is hitting the road this fall providing a number of continuing education presentations in conjunction with PE Seminars. The AGA was contacted last year by Edward Brunet, who knew AGA from the online seminars posted on  The AGA worked with Ed to arrange a handful of GalvanizeIt! seminar presenters to fill two time slots  the two day presentation seminars with the Core and Design presentations.  Thanks to the positive feedback, Ed asked the AGA to participate again in 2017.

The AGA will be presenting at the PE Seminars in the following locations:

  • New Orleans - August 31st /September 1st (Core and Design)
  • Houston - September 7th & 8th (Core and Design - Southwest Galvanizing)
  • Dallas/Fort Worth - September 14th & 15th (Core and Design - AZZ Galvanizing)
  • Chicago - September 28th & 29th (Rebar and Sustainability)
  • St. Louis - October 3rd (Rebar and Sustainability - AZZ Galvanizing) 
  • Little Rock - October 23rd & 24th (Rebar and Sustainability)
  • Memphis - October 26th & 27th (Rebar and Sustainability)
  • Nashville - November 2nd & 3rd(Rebar and Sustainability)
  • Atlanta - November 13th & 14th (Rebar and Sustainability - Metalplate Galvanizing) 

If you are in the area of any of these locations, please join us or if you would like more information visit or email AGA Marketing Director, Melissa Lindsley