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The Board of Directors is pleased to announce all past and the most recent Thomas M. Gregory Award recipients and Hall of Fame inductees will on a gratis basis at their retirement be lifetime, individual members of the American Galvanizers Association. 

The most recent individuals to join this illustrious group (see list below) are the 2017 Thomas M. Gregory Award recipient John G. Gregor and 2017 Hall of Fame inductee Robert M. Woods. 

Congratulations to John and Bob!


1941  W. Sandelin   1942 Fred M. Carlson
1951 Joseph B. Tate 1952 Frederick Brightly
1953 Stuart J. Swensson, Sr. 1954 I. M. Hermann
1955 Harold R. Breslau 1959 Frank Miller
1960 R. E. Byrd       1965 A. H. Gudie   
1968 John L. Kimberley     1971 Kenneth S. Frazier
1973 W. M. (Pat) Boyles 1977 J. Wykoff Piatt
1978 Charles E. Perry 1981 Stuart J. Swensson, Jr.
1984 D. Boyd Dean 1984 T. Raymond Gregory
1999 Leon W. Ponte 2001 Michael K. Hettleman
2002 Robert F. Doelling 2003 Raymond V. McKinnon
2005 Robert C. Phillips 2009 Julian D. Dozier
2017 John G. Gregor    


1972 Harold R. Breslau      Southern Galvanizing Co.
1972 R. E. Byrd Atlantic Steel Co.
1972 Fred M. Carlson        American Tinning & Galvanizing Co.
1974 Dr. Boris Bresler University of California
1974 Dr. Israel Cornet        University of California
1975 Lester Sanders Smith Industries
1978 John J. Sebisty Canadian Ministry of Transportation
1979 Dr. Schrade F. Radtke  ILZRO
1980 Hartley R. Burgess    Pure Metal Galvanizing
1983 Herbert Guttman               Cominco/Noranda
1985 T. Raymond Gregory Gregory Galvanizing & Metal Processing
1985 J. Robert Hall             Corbec Corporation
1985 William E. Phillips   Pure Metal Galvanizing
1985 Stuart J. Swensson, Jr. The Witt Co.
1994 Michael K. Hettleman uthern Galvanizing Co.
1994 Richard L. Brooks     Duncan Galvanizing Corp.
1998 Barry P. Dugan Zinc Corporation of America
2001 Edgar K. Schutz Zinc Corporation of America
2003 James A. Cole Zaclon
2012 Edwin Schlotzhauer             Integrated Zinc Trading
2017 Robert M. Woods Zaclon