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Eiffel Tower From Champ De Mars 1

The AGA recently wrote a short article discussing the benefits galvanizing could have provided to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California. In keeping with this same train of thought, we thought about another world landmark, the Eiffel Tower, and how it could have benefitted from hot-dip galvanizing.

Since it was built for the International Exhibition of Paris in 1889, the Eiffel Tower has been painted once every seven years, a task that takes 15 months and tons upon tons of paint. As calculated by a Dutch corrosion engineer, if the Eiffel Tower had been hot-dip galvanized and then painted, what is known as a duplex system, the cost savings could have been around $10 million. For more information about this topic, read Hot Dip Galvanizing Today's article, “What if the Eiffel Tower had Been Hot-Dip Galvanized and Painted?”