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Summer is winding down and there is no better time to experience a real or virtual great North American road trip! We have put together a list of locations where you can see, or may have already visited while vacationing this summer, some of the best hot-dip galvanized (HDG) projects in the United States and Canada. This series is broken out into four parts, starting from the West Coast and ending on the East Coast. Buckle your seatbelts and hold on for a fun adventure!

PV Overview 900 01
Pacific Visions at The Aquarium of the Pacific

The journey begins on the West Coast in Long Beach, California with a stop by Pacific Visions at The Aquarium of the Pacific to see the dynamic, architecturally structural steel used to give this building its unique glass façade inspired by the Pacific Ocean. Hot-dip galvanized (HDG) steel functioned primarily as part of the structural skeleton for the architectural glass skin seen on the exterior of this structure, adding the final touches to the aquarium's immerse oceanic experience and environment. Next, travel north to Los Angeles to check out the SoFi Stadium. This facility is a real-world testament to the versatility of the hot-dip galvanized coating, by employing a powder coating on top of the HDG steel to achieve the desired aesthetic look. Up in northern San Francisco, stop by the BOW, which is a sculptural tribute to Fire Station #35, to see how hot-dip galvanized steel can be used to protect steel from corrosion in the marine environment.

Fire Station No. 35 Sculpture: the BOW

Next, head to Airway Heights, Washington, where Northern Quest Resort & Casino provides the best outdoor concerts and live entertainment in Spokane at the BECU Live. The complete understructure, stringers, and rail risers of the venue consists of hot-dip galvanized structural steel members that will be corrosion free for generations to come, ensuring the safety of the fans enjoying the outdoor venue. Reaching high into the Vancouver Island sky, the Malahat Skywalk invites visitors into an immersive nature experience and access to a 360-degree, bird’s-eye view over a mesmerizing coastal evergreen forest. With Malahat Skywalk's proximity to the Salish Sea, galvanizing was chosen to protect a 600m-long spiral walkway and a steel central spiral staircase. HDG extends the service life, while maintaining a more natural look compared to paint or other coating systems, helping to tie the entire structure in with its natural surroundings. Further north, on Whistler Mountain the Cloudraker Skybridge in Surrey, British Columbia dares visitors to tread out onto one of the highest suspension bridges in the world. Hot-dip galvanized steel was the obvious choice for this one-of-a-kind project because of its maintenance-free longevity, durability, and price.

Malahat Sky Walk 01
Malahat Sky

Next, head east into Alberta to the University of Calgary campus where the MacKimmie Tower serves as a pilot project for future net-zero carbon building in Canada; the use of hot-dip galvanized steel addresses both sustainability and affordability. Further south, in Park City, Utah, where many activities are appreciated more in the winter, one can still enjoy the ski town beauty while taking a ride on the Over and Out Ski Lift. To provide the best possible experience at the resort, lift closures have to be kept to a minimum. Hot-dip galvanizing was chosen to help keep things running like clockwork because it’s virtually maintenance free, keeping customers happy and saving everyone money. Keep an eye out for the galvanized Snow Bugs hiding throughout the ski hill as well. Continuing on to Breckenridge, Colorado, visit the Breckenridge Ski Resort to see Ullr, the Norse God of Snow. The sculpture installed on the snowy slopes was galvanized not only to protect Ullr from corrosion, but also provides great aesthetic appeal. The steel embodies the strength of a god, while the silver zinc coating sparkles like flakes of snow in the sun.

USS Arizona15 04
USS Arizona WWII Memorial Site

Rounding out the western road trip itinerary, visit the city of Scottsdale, Arizona to see the USS Arizona WWII Memorial Site. At dusk when the sky begins to turn dark, patrons can see the Memorial Columns light up representing the 1,177 lives lost of a total of 1,512 crew members of the USS Arizona. A project with such gravity requires an exceptional attention to detail and reverence when considering the fabrication and finishing methods. Hence, the decision to hot-dip galvanize all the tube steel columns for coating longevity and consistency, as well as the natural gray tones that HDG exhibits was a compelling factor when considering that the typical battleship gray is commonly used on Navy vessels. Finally, in Phoenix, Nevada, stop by the Arizona Biltmore to cool of in one of their seven sparkling pools and sprinkle in some fun with a ride down their incredible triple water slide.

Continue reading Part Two of this series, where we travel across the Midwest in search of more hot-dip galvanized steel structures.

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