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Summer is here and there is no better time to experience the great North American road trip. We have put together a list of locations to visit on your summer vacations where you can see some of the best hot-dip galvanized projects in the United States and Canada. This series will be broken out into four parts, starting from the West Coast and ending over on the East Coast. Buckle your seatbelts and hold on for a fun adventure!

San Diego Library Galvanized Steel
San Diego Library

The journey begins on the West Coast in San Diego, California. Make a stop at the San Diego Central Library to see the arching architecturally exposed steel used to give this building its interesting and beautiful façade. Hot-dip galvanized steel is prominently displayed on both the interior and exterior of this structure, adding a final appearance of character and distinction to the library’s hip, ultramodern aesthetics. Next, travel north to Long Beach State University and check out the Walter Pyramid Arena. This facility is a real-world testament to the quality of hot-dip galvanizing’s corrosion protection and the legendary coating durability of its zinc patina. Up in Northern California, stop by the San Francisco Federal Building to see how hot-dip galvanized steel can be used to support structures on the exterior of major building projects.


Head to Lincoln City, Oregon, where the Devil’s Lake Creature presides over the Regatta Grounds Park. Further north, the Cliffwalk at the Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver, British Columbia dares visitors to tread out over the open canyon below and drink in the bird’s-eye view over a misty expanse of evergreen foliage. Reaching high into the Vancouver sky, the windowed walls of the Woodwards Building “W” Tower are laced with dark red columns of intricately etched decorative panels that take advantage of the increased corrosion protection of a duplex system of paint over galvanized steel. 

Orange Bubble06 72

Next, head east into Alberta to Calgary to see the great use of galvanizing on the Calgary Lightrail Stations throughout the city. Further south, in Park City, Utah, where many activities are appreciated more in the winter, one can still enjoy the ski town beauty while taking a ride on the Orange Bubble Express Chairlift. Keep an eye out for the galvanized Snow Bugs hiding throughout the ski hill as well. Continuing on to Denver, Colorado, visit the Denver Zoo to see the Toyota Elephant Passage and Predator Ridge. Both projects house some of the Zoo’s biggest celebrities, and the galvanized steel coating within the habitats eliminates the possibility of animals ingesting potentially harmful paint flakes or chips prevalent with other coatings, while withstanding the routine power washing necessary to keep the habitats clean. Swing by the Light Chamber sculpture in downtown Denver to witness a large scale display of the aesthetic benefits galvanizing provides for artistic projects.

Praying Mantis Sculpture04
Praying Mantis Sculpture at Burning Man

Rounding out the western road trip itinerary, visit the town of Marana outside of Tuscon, Arizona to see the Wondrous Word Wall. The wall, consisting of three 3’ x 6’ roll-formed galvanized steel panels, is a tribute to the words and phrases imprinted on the minds of readers everywhere. More than 1,000 words are inscribed in varied fonts and sizes across the panels, inviting the eye to wander across phrases plucked from timeless tomes including the Bible, Shakespearean literature, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Danielle Steele novels, and even the words of Dr. Spock. Finally, in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Praying Mantis Sculpture from the Burning Man Festival displays a unique use of galvanized steel, while The Cloud at Fashion Show Mall stands as a signature architectural piece in the heart of the Vegas Strip.

Continue reading Part Two of this series, where we head across the Midwest in search of more hot-dip galvanized steel structures.

Share your summer road trip pictures of galvanized projects with us by posting them to our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts, tagging the AGA in your pictures, or using the hashtag #GalvanizeIt. Have fun out there this summer! 

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