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The American Galvanizers Association (AGA) is dedicated to educating not only current specifiers, but also future professionals. One of the biggest market limitations to the specification of hot-dip galvanized steel is ignorance. The majority of architecture and engineering students are not taught anything about galvanized steel while in college.  

The AGA offers a number of learning opportunities to current architecture and engineering students. The AGA launched the Galvanize Your Campus program in 2011 which includes design competitions, campus presentation/visits, and tours of hot-dip galvanizing facilities and galvanized steel projects. Through the Galvanize Your Campus program, students will learn about the hot-dip galvanizing process, design, sustainability, performance, specification, cost, inspection, as well as see the process in action and/or the coating in real world applications.

The AGA has some exciting student offerings for both semesters of 2020!

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For the spring semester, the AGA Galvanize the Future: A Richard L. Brooks Memorial Scholarship essay contest is in full swing. Two scholarships are awarded annually ($2,500 each) for the top essays submitted. The entry deadline for next year's competition will close April 15, 2020 and winners will be announced in May. 

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In Studio Made

For the fall semester, the AIAS In Studio Made competition is back! The AGA and The American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) will partner again to host the In Studio Made Competition for 2020. This competition inspires architecture students to learn about hot-dip galvanizing and how it could be used in their future steel designs. Last year's First place winner went to the students at the Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Architecture, for their Heffernan Garden Pavilion project

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In addition to these offerings, we are always happy to come out to your campus on request. To organize a presentation or join our newsletter, start here! 

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