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The American Galvanizers Association (AGA) is pleased to announce the winners of the 2024 Galvanize the Future: A Richard L. Brooks Memorial Scholarship essay contest. Two students were selected from applicants enrolled in architecture, construction, or engineering programs in colleges throughout North America.

Daniel Yahya is currently working on his Doctorate in Civil Engineering from Auburn University it Auburn, AL. Daniel used real world case studies ranging from solar farms in Ontario to wind towers in Iowa and a hydroelectric project in Oregon, to showcase hot-dip galvanized steel's versatility and its crucial contribution to enhancing the resilience and sustainability of renewable energy systems.

Daniel Yahya Head Shot
Daniel Yahya

Zachary Campbell is currently completing his Masters degree in Civil Engineering from The Citadel - Military College of South Carolina. In his essay, Zachary explored the use of hot-dip galvanized steel in renewable energy projects and how it contributes to sustainability objectives and highlights its unique properties that make it an ideal construction material for such projects.

Campbell Z Photo 51324
Zachary Campbell

The current and past scholarship winners can be viewed on the AGA’s website. The AGA’s scholarship program is named in honor of the late Richard Brooks of Duncan Galvanizing in Boston, MA. Brooks was a great advocate in the galvanizing industry and integral to shaping the AGA into the organization it is today.

The 2025 Galvanize the Future: A Richard L. Brooks Memorial Scholarship, will award two $2,500 prizes. The scholarship is open to any college students majoring in architecture, civil engineering or structural engineering, construction management, material science or other approved engineering fields. The student can be full or part time, and enrolled in either an undergraduate or graduate degree program at any four year university in North America. For more information on the scholarship or to apply, please visit