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Welding Electrodes Before Galvanizing

What welding electrodes are recommended for fixtures, kettle repair, or fabrications?
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Warpage and Distortion

What measures can be taken to reduce the potential for warpage/distortion, and how will the AGA promote the education of it?
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Weld Slag Clean Up Requirements for Galvanizing

I’ve been asked to perform blast cleaning prior to galvanizing on all steel products that are welded. Why is this required and is this applicable for the MIG or TIG process when welding with bare or uncoated wire?
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Maximum Allowable Touch Up Area on Welded Galvanized Steel

What is the maximum allowable area of galvanized steel that can be touched-up after welding and still be in compliance with ASTM A123/A123M?
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Embrittlement and Welding in Galvanized Stainless Steel

Is it true that welding galvanized stainless steel can cause embrittlement?
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Anti-Sparking Galvanized Steel

Is hot-dip galvanized steel considered anti-sparking?
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Cracking in the Heat Affected Zone

When galvanizing a frame structure, we took it out of the kettle, and I noticed some small cracks around one of the weld areas. What is causing this cracking?
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Rust Bleeding on Welded Parts

One of my customers called saying I didn’t galvanize the whole part, and it was already starting to rust. What should I do about it?
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Thick Coating on Welded Areas

I just galvanized a load of handrail. The parts came in very smooth, as the fabricator took extra care to make sure all of the welds were ground smooth. But, when I finished the galvanizing, the welds looked like big “speed bumps” on the surface. What happened and what do I do about it?
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Galvanized Steel and Stud Welding

I’ve heard that the stud welds on galvanized metal aren’t as “pure” as when stud welding bare steel. Can you stud weld thru the galvanized coating? How is it done? Are there any negative repercussions to this process?
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