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Evaluation of HDG Repair Materials

Is any HDG repair material better than the other?
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Maximum Allowable Repair Size for HDG (ASTM A123)

What is the maximum allowable repair size for HDG coatings?
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Updates to ASTM D4417

What are the updates to ASTM D4417 for Measuring Surface Profile?
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Ensuring Conformance to ASTM A780

Does the AGA provide guidance on ensuring customers that touch up and repairs are in conformance with ASTM A780?
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Repairing Coating Damage After Delivery to a Jobsite

My customer is concerned about a defect in the HDG coating found at the jobsite by an Inspector. The defect is larger than the maximum acceptable criteria listed within ASTM A123/A123M. What is the accepted practice for field repair of galvanized coatings?
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Cut Edges

Why am I having difficulty keeping the coating intact on the edge of some plate materials? The coating seems to flake off and the plate material develops steel corrosion on the exposed edge.
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Stripping and Re-Galvanizing

What are some reasons you would strip and re-dip galvanized steel? Are there steels that cannot be re-galvanized?
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Grind Marks on Galvanized Steel

Are grind marks acceptable on my hot-dip galvanized steel?
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Zinc Coatings

Do all zinc coatings provide similar corrosion protection?
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Maximum Allowable Touch Up Area on Welded Galvanized Steel

What is the maximum allowable area of galvanized steel that can be touched-up after welding and still be in compliance with ASTM A123/A123M?
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