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Maximizing HDG for AESS Projects

How can I maximize hot-dip galvanizing (HDG) quality for AESS projects?
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Aluminum Vent/Drain Hole Plugs & Galvanic Corrosion

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Cracking due to High Residual Stress

Who is responsible for a customer’s parts that have cracked due to high residual stress?
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Asymmetrical Design and Preventing Warpage/Distortion

How does asymmetrical design affect the potential for warpage and distortion?
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Inspection of Internal Venting for Tubular Assemblies

What recommendations are there for internal venting inspection of tubular assemblies prior to galvanizing?
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Warpage and Distortion

What measures can be taken to reduce the potential for warpage/distortion, and how will the AGA promote the education of it?
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Overlapping Areas

What considerations should I keep in mind when designing steel fabrications to be galvanized?
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Cope Cuts

I’ve heard there are concerns with steel containing cope cuts to crack when it is hot-dip galvanized. Are these concerns valid? What can I do to prevent the cracking?
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Cut Edges

Why am I having difficulty keeping the coating intact on the edge of some plate materials? The coating seems to flake off and the plate material develops steel corrosion on the exposed edge.
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Stripping and Re-Galvanizing

What are some reasons you would strip and re-dip galvanized steel? Are there steels that cannot be re-galvanized?
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