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Adhesives & Stickers on HDG

What adhesives and stickers are suitable over HDG?
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Flux Quality: Concentration, Density (Baume), Flux Ratio, pH

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Wash Primers for Preparing HDG for Painting

How do I Utilize Wash Primers for Preparing HDG Surfaces for Painting?
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High Temperature Galvanizing

What do I tell a customer who wants “High Temperature Galvanizing?”
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Monitoring pH of the Preflux Solution

What are the recommended methods for measuring pH of the preflux solution?
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Transportation, Handling & Storage of Hot-Dip Galvanized Articles

How can I avoid damage to HDG articles during transportation, handling, and storage?
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Feasibility of Progressive Dipping

How can I determine if it is feasible to progressively dip a customer’s fabrication at my plant?
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Evaluating Steel Chemistry Prior to Galvanizing

What kind of coating can I expect when galvanizing an unfamiliar steel grade?
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Considerations for Progressive Dipping

My design cannot be optimized to fit into the kettle – can I hot-dip galvanize by progressive dipping?
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Improving Rinsing Operations

What are some methods to improve rinsing operations?
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