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Flux Quality: Concentration, Density (Baume), Flux Ratio, pH

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Wash Primers for Preparing HDG for Painting

How do I Utilize Wash Primers for Preparing HDG Surfaces for Painting?
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High Temperature Galvanizing

What do I tell a customer who wants “High Temperature Galvanizing?”
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Monitoring pH of the Preflux Solution

What are the recommended methods for measuring pH of the preflux solution?
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Transportation, Handling & Storage of Hot-Dip Galvanized Articles

How can I avoid damage to HDG articles during transportation, handling, and storage?
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Feasibility of Progressive Dipping

How can I determine if it is feasible to progressively dip a customer’s fabrication at my plant?
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Evaluating Steel Chemistry Prior to Galvanizing

What kind of coating can I expect when galvanizing an unfamiliar steel grade?
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Improving Rinsing Operations

What are some methods to improve rinsing operations?
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Galvanizing Old or Recycled Steel

What is important for the galvanizer to consider when hot-dip galvanizing old or recycled steel?
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What to Expect When Switching From PWG to SHG Zinc

Our galvanizing facility switched from using Prime Western Grade zinc to Special High Grade zinc. Why hasn’t the lead content of the zinc melt reduced significantly and/or why are large dross formations floating in the kettle?
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