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Cracking due to High Residual Stress

Who is responsible for a customer’s parts that have cracked due to high residual stress?
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Multi-Specimen Test Articles & Coating Thickness Inspection

How are Multi-Specimen Test Articles Inspected for Coating Thickness?
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Graffiti Removal from HDG Surfaces

What can I tell my customer who is worried about graffiti removal from HDG surfaces?
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Transportation, Handling & Storage of Hot-Dip Galvanized Articles

How can I avoid damage to HDG articles during transportation, handling, and storage?
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Updates to ASTM D4417

What are the updates to ASTM D4417 for Measuring Surface Profile?
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Prevent thin and/or flaking coatings from thermally cut edges

How to prevent thin and/or flaking coatings from thermally cut edges?
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Inspection of Internal Venting for Tubular Assemblies

What recommendations are there for internal venting inspection of tubular assemblies prior to galvanizing?
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Determining Lot Sizes for HDG Inspection

How do I determine lot sizes for HDG inspection?
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Warpage and Distortion

What measures can be taken to reduce the potential for warpage/distortion, and how will the AGA promote the education of it?
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Warped Steel

What can be done with steel that has been warped? How could it have been prevented in the first place?
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