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Galvanized Rebar Prevents Spalling

How does galvanized rebar prevent spalling of concrete?
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Dissimilar Metals in Concrete

I know it is not a good practice to have dissimilar metals in contact when the metals are subjected to atmospheric exposure, but is it also important to isolate dissimilar metals when they are embedded in concrete?
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Galvanized Rebar with Salt-Spray Testing

Why does galvanized rebar always get a bad rap when it comes to salt-spray testing?
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Strain-Age Embrittlement

My galvanized rebar cracked soon after galvanizing. What happened?
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Recomended Bend Diameters

Is the recommended bend diameter the same for reinforcing bar as it is for other types of steel?
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Galvanized Rebar in Marine Environments

My customer has heard rave reviews about galvanized rebar’s performance when embedded in concrete for marine applications . . . Why is HDG rebar outperforming black rebar in this particular application?
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Galvanized vs. Epoxy-Coated Rebar

Area contractors have recently been using epoxy-coated rebar in many newly-constructed bridges. I know HDG is a superior coating, but in what areas does it really outshine epoxy?
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Galvanized Rebar and Reactions in Concrete

One of my customers is specifying hot-dip galvanized rebar for a new bridge. However, he is concerned about possible reactions between the zinc coating and the concrete. Are there any problems that can arise from such reactions, and is there anything special we can do to limit the reaction?
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Embrittlement of Bent Galvanized Steel

What should I say when my customer tells me galvanizing caused his bent steel to embrittle?
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