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Zinc Coatings for Fasteners

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Fastener Quality Act and ASTM A153

Does ASTM A153 meet the requirements of the Fastener Quality Act?
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A490 Bolts

Can I Hot-Dip Galvanize A490 Bolts?
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Oversized Taps Used with Galvanized Bolts

I have a customer who wants to oversize the threads on nuts after I galvanize the blank (unthreaded) nuts, but he is having trouble finding oversized taps to cut the threads. Where can I find correctly oversized taps to cut threads on nuts or holes used with hot-dip galvanized bolts and why is oversizing necessary?
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Does it apply to hot-dip galvanizing, and what are the current happenings with the European RoHS and REACH? What does California's adopted RoHS plan include?
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Galvanized Embed Parts Meeting ASTM A153 Requirements

My customer says he wants some embed parts galvanized to ASTM A153. What do I do since I don’t have a centrifuge or spinning system?
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Correct ASTM Specifications for Hardware Assemblies

I want to galvanize some embed parts to ASTM A153, but my galvanizer does not have a centrifuge or spinning system. Is that an issue?
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Masking Products for Galvanized Steel

Can you recommend some products for masking hot-dip galvanized steel?
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Sizing Clearance Holes for HDG Fasteners

My fabricator is asking me what size to make some clearance holes if a hot-dip galvanized bolt is to be placed in the hole? Having never specified for hot-dip galvanizing before, we are unfamiliar with the allowances we must make on nut and clearance hole sizes to accommodate for the increase in bolt diameter due to the galvanization. How much coating should we expect, and will the coating interfere with assembling the bolted connections?
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Advantages of HDG Fasteners

My customer is comparing hot-dip galvanizing with several different competing protective coatings to protect his bolts and other fasteners. Besides a longer service life, what other advantages does hot-dip galvanizing provide over competing protective coatings?
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