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Elemental Additions to the Kettle

I seem to be having problems producing coatings of a proper thickness. What are some things that can be done to make a thicker or thinner coating?
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Adhesion and Embrittlement Testing During Inspection

How often do galvanizers need to conduct adhesion and embrittlement testing during inspection of galvanized steel?
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Difference Between Hydrogen and Strain-Age Embrittlement

What are the differences between hydrogen embrittlement and strain-age embrittlement?
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Embrittlement and Welding in Galvanized Stainless Steel

Is it true that welding galvanized stainless steel can cause embrittlement?
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Stripping and Re-Dipping Galvanized Steel

Does stripping and re-dipping galvanized steel damage the steel?
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Mechanical Properties of Galvanized Steel

Does hot-dip galvanizing affect the mechanical properties of steel?
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AR400 Steel and T-1 Steel

What specifically is AR400 steel, and can it be galvanized with good results? Is AR400 steel similar to T-1, as I often receive inquiries about galvanizing T-1 steel?
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Strain-Age Embrittlement

My galvanized rebar cracked soon after galvanizing. What happened?
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Cracking in the Heat Affected Zone

When galvanizing a frame structure, we took it out of the kettle, and I noticed some small cracks around one of the weld areas. What is causing this cracking?
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Different Forms of Embrittlement

Hydrogen embrittlement, strain-age embrittlement, liquid-metal embrittlement, galvanizing embrittlement . . . sheesh! I think Im coming down with a case of brain embrittlement trying to determine what form of embrittlement has caused my steel tubes to crack. HELP!
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