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Estimating Time to First Maintenance for Duplex Coating Systems

How do I estimate Time to First Maintenance for a Duplex System?
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Responsibilities for Surface Preparation Prior to Painting or Powder Coating HDG

Who is responsible for surface preparation prior to painting or powder coating HDG?
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Life-Cycle Cost Analysis

My customer asked for a life-cycle cost analysis according to ASTM A1068. What is she/he referring to?
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Surface Preparation for Duplex Systems

How does surface preparation of hot-dip galvanized steel differ when coating it with paint or powder coating?
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Sweep Blasting Galvanized Steel

Can sweep blasting galvanized steel cause the galvanized coating to peel?
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Chromate Testing

Is there an easy way to test for chromates on hot-dip galvanized steel?
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Initial & Life-Cycle Cost of HDG Steel vs. Paint

I am frustrated in my position as an engineer responsible for specifying corrosion protection systems because initial cost is usually the deciding factor in selection and hot-dip galvanizing is thought to be initially more expensive than paint. How does the initial and life-cycle cost of hot-dip galvanized steel compare to paint?
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Fireproofing HDG Steel

Can fireproofing be used on hot-dip galvanized steel?
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Duplex System Service Life & Cost

What kind of service life can be expected from a painted over hot-dip galvanized coating, and is there a cost savings?
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Powder Coating Adhesion and Outgassing

I am contemplating powder-coating some hot-dip galvanized steel to further increase its corrosion protection. I have heard some rumors regarding the adhesion of powder coatings on galvanized steel. Apparently the adhesion is compromised due to the zinc coating outgassing. Is there any truth to this? Is there anything I can do to prevent outgassing of the zinc coating?
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