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Estimating Time to First Maintenance for Duplex Coating Systems

How do I estimate Time to First Maintenance for a Duplex System?
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Responsibilities for Surface Preparation Prior to Painting or Powder Coating HDG

Who is responsible for surface preparation prior to painting or powder coating HDG?
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Life-Cycle Cost Analysis

My customer asked for a life-cycle cost analysis according to ASTM A1068. What is she/he referring to?
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Brush Off Blast Cleaning

What is a “brush-off” blast clean? And when will I ever need to use it?
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Surface Preparation for Duplex Systems

How does surface preparation of hot-dip galvanized steel differ when coating it with paint or powder coating?
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Sweep Blasting Galvanized Steel

Can sweep blasting galvanized steel cause the galvanized coating to peel?
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Chromate Testing

Is there an easy way to test for chromates on hot-dip galvanized steel?
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Initial & Life-Cycle Cost of HDG Steel vs. Paint

I am frustrated in my position as an engineer responsible for specifying corrosion protection systems because initial cost is usually the deciding factor in selection and hot-dip galvanizing is thought to be initially more expensive than paint. How does the initial and life-cycle cost of hot-dip galvanized steel compare to paint?
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Fireproofing HDG Steel

Can fireproofing be used on hot-dip galvanized steel?
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Paint Recommendation

Some of my customers have asked what kind of paint is best for coating hot-dip galvanized steel. Is there a specific type of paint I should be recommending to my customers?
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