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HDG for Waterparks, Pools, and Aquatic Facilities

Is HDG Suitable for Pool and Waterpark Projects?
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Evaluation of HDG Repair Materials

Is any HDG repair material better than the other?
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Aluminum Vent/Drain Hole Plugs & Galvanic Corrosion

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HDG Surface Preparation for Application of Passive Fireproofing

What types of fireproofing applications can be applied to HDG surfaces, and how do I prepare the HDG surface?
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Magnelis and ZAM® Impact on North America

What are the competitive implications of the new zinc-aluminum-magnesium steel I’ve heard about?
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Galvanizing Old or Recycled Steel

What is important for the galvanizer to consider when hot-dip galvanizing old or recycled steel?
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Methods Used to Coat Nails with Zinc

I’ve heard some types of “galvanized nails” specified for building/roofing projects can rust after only a few years in service. Which zinc-coated nails will provide the longest corrosion protection?
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Stripping and Regalvanizing

My galvanizer informed me of a coating defect that cannot be repaired, so the part must have the coating removed and then re-galvanized. What does this do to the mechanical properties of the steel and should I have any concerns with respect to design?
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Galvanized Steel Performance in Soil

I will be using some steel in a below-grade application. If I hot-dip galvanize the steel, how long will it last?
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Life-Cycle Cost Analysis

My customer asked for a life-cycle cost analysis according to ASTM A1068. What is she/he referring to?
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