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Hot-Dip Galvanizing Thick Steel Articles

What are some recommended practices for hot-dip galvanizing of thick steel?
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Prevent thin and/or flaking coatings from thermally cut edges

How to prevent thin and/or flaking coatings from thermally cut edges?
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Stripping and Regalvanizing

My galvanizer informed me of a coating defect that cannot be repaired, so the part must have the coating removed and then re-galvanized. What does this do to the mechanical properties of the steel and should I have any concerns with respect to design?
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Thick Coating Requests

What do I tell a customer who wants a coating much thicker than specified by ASTM A123?
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Meeting Minimum Coating Thickness Requirements on Machined Plate

Why is it hard to achieve the required coating thickness on typical 2” thick hot-rolled carbon plate that has been machined smooth? I usually have too much zinc when galvanizing thick plate?
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Meeting ASTM Minimum Thickness Requirements

What must galvanizers do when they cannot meet the minimum thickness requirements per ASTM specifications?
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Recommended Steel Chemistry and Dull HDG Coatings

I told my customer what the perfect number for the silicon content of the steel should be, and he said he had the perfect steel. When I galvanized his steel, it came out with 6 mils of coating and dull gray, not bright and shiny. What happened and what can I tell my customer?
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How To Tell If Steel Has Been Galvanized

How can I tell if a piece of steel has been galvanized?
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Questions to pose to customer for incorrectly galvanized steel

What questions should I pose to my customer when his steel doesn't galvanize quite the way either of us expected?
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Thinner Galvanized Coatings

How do I get thinner galvanized coatings on my steel?
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