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Differences Between ASTM A123 and CSA G164-18

What are the differences between ASTM A123 and CSA G164-18?
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Maximum Allowable Repair Size for HDG (ASTM A123)

What is the maximum allowable repair size for HDG coatings?
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Welding Electrodes Before Galvanizing

What welding electrodes are recommended for fixtures, kettle repair, or fabrications?
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Slip Critical Connections & Updates to AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specification (8th Edition)

What are the new changes for slip critical connections in the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specification (8th edition)?
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Updates to ASTM D4417

What are the updates to ASTM D4417 for Measuring Surface Profile?
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What is EN 1179?

My customer wants to know if the zinc I use meets EN 1179. What is this?
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Life-Cycle Cost Analysis

My customer asked for a life-cycle cost analysis according to ASTM A1068. What is she/he referring to?
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ISO 1461

If I galvanize to ASTM A123 or A153, will I meet the requirements of ISO 1461?
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SSPC Surface Preparation Standards

Often, the ASTM standards for the hot-dip galvanizing industry cite SSPC surface preparation standards. What are these and which ones are important to the industry?
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Galvanizing According to ASTM A53

If a specifier asks me to have a steel pipe galvanized in accordance to ASTM A53, what do I do?
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