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Maximizing HDG for AESS Projects

How can I maximize hot-dip galvanizing (HDG) quality for AESS projects?
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Trucking/Transport of HDG Steel in Winter

How does one avoid wet storage stain during trucking in winter months?
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Cracking due to High Residual Stress

Who is responsible for a customer’s parts that have cracked due to high residual stress?
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Graffiti Removal from HDG Surfaces

What can I tell my customer who is worried about graffiti removal from HDG surfaces?
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Suggested Checkpoints for Optimizing HDG Steel Articles

What measures can optimize turn-around time, cost, and quality prior to sending articles to the galvanizer?
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Galvanizing Old or Recycled Steel

What is important for the galvanizer to consider when hot-dip galvanizing old or recycled steel?
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Stripping and Regalvanizing

My galvanizer informed me of a coating defect that cannot be repaired, so the part must have the coating removed and then re-galvanized. What does this do to the mechanical properties of the steel and should I have any concerns with respect to design?
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Warped Steel

What can be done with steel that has been warped? How could it have been prevented in the first place?
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Is it Galvanized?

I have some older steel that may have been galvanized at one point. How can I tell?
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SSPC Surface Preparation Standards

Often, the ASTM standards for the hot-dip galvanizing industry cite SSPC surface preparation standards. What are these and which ones are important to the industry?
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